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Our Story

At Chanzi, we use Black Soldier Fly Larvae to convert food waste into nutritious protein for animal feed. Founder and COO Sune Mushendwa, an architect by profession, began experimenting with these insects 4 years ago. He set out with the goal of finding a sustainable protein for animal feed which would reduce the industry’s over dependence on environmentally ruinous fish and soya bean meal. Through iterations and meticulous data collection he developed innovative and efficient methods for breeding, growing and harvesting BSF.

In 2019 he was joined by CEO Andrew Wallace who came with 10 years’ experience running companies of different sizes in East Africa and was driven by the desire to find a profitable method of sustainably managing the escalating waste problem in his home country of Tanzania. Andrew vowed to take Sune’s production techniques to a commercial scale and replicate them throughout Tanzania and the surrounding countries. Chanzi have since made significant additions to the management team in the form of Engineering and Entomological expertise, expanded operations at the pilot site and recently constructed another full sized facility in Arusha.


"We have construction projects up and running for sites in Kenya and Zanzibar and are now at the stage where we want to take our profitable and functioning model to other areas in East Africa with similar organic waste management problems."

Meet The Team

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Andrew Wallace

CEO & Co-Founder

My personal dream is to sustainably manage 100% of organic waste produced in urban and semi-urban areas in East Africa. In Chanzi, I've found a profitable mechanism of doing this at scale. 

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Sune Mushendwa

COO & Founder

When no more fish end up in animal feed and no more organic waste ends up in landfills, we'll have reached our goal. Until then, we have a mission to accomplish and a business opportunity to take advantage of.​

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Jon Trimarco

Head of R&D

Global warming is the single biggest challenge facing humanity. On any given day, Chanzi is taking approximately 135KG of methane, the equivalent of 9.4 metric tons of CO2 out of the atmosphere and converting it into protien and soil amendments

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Prof Norbert Mencke

Chief Veterinary Advisor

One of the worlds’ leading parasitologists and experts in Animal health and nutrition. Norbert assists Jon with Chanzi’s R&D department and leads experiments into the physical and environmental benefits of incorporating BSF into livestock diets.

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Dr Stefan Heinke

A fierce advocate for sustainable business and has worked as sustainability director for one of the worlds’ largest companies. He joined Chanzi on account of it being one of the few business models which ticks the vast majority of SDG’s. 

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Kamalpal Jandu

Engineering Lead

I believe we have a duty to make sure the businesses we engage in do not negatively affect our land, seas and skies for future generations. Chanzi's concept is very much in keeping with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals

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Sustainability  Advisor

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Mayasa Mhina

Arusha Site Manager

Amir Amir

Dar Production Manager

Nicko B. Nyamanga

Dar Site Manager

With more than 20 years of experience in statistics, Mayasa strives to maximise the valorisation of organic waste at Chanzi. She believes converting waste into protein for animals and organic fertiliser can transform waste management across East Africa. 

A skilled horticulturist with bachelor’s degree in applied horticulture. 

He joins the newly established Dar es salaam Facility as a Production Manager following a successful internship at the Chanzi Njiro Facility

With a background in Business Analytics, Nicko is excited by the challenge of making sustainability ventures financially sustainable.

He has joined Chanzi as a Site Manager for Dar es salaam Facility 

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Hawa Majid

Renatus Deonatus

Arusha Production Manager

Ass. R&D Manager

An experienced animal scientist with a bachelor's degree in animal science.

Hawa has been pivotal in leading and managing experiments and the production process in close partnership with Jon Trimarco.

A highly motivated animal scientist with a bachelor's degree in animal health, welfare and nutrition.

Now with 3 years of experience in the BSF industry, he is central to the production of BSF at the Njiro Facility.

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Our Geographical

Chanzi has been growing rapidly, having established four sites as of today, located in Arusha, Dar es salaam, Zanzibar, and Nairobi.