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Feeding The Global Population

Many governments, institutions, companies, collectives, and individuals are joining forces to design a more optimistic scenario by exploring alternatives to, for example, livestock feed and solutions to producing food while using fewer portions of arable land and less natural resources, such as water. Private-sector companies play an important role in this scenario as they are a driving force behind cutting-edge innovations and disruptive technologies that may shape our future of food. To examine how companies intervene in the current agri-food systems, Envisioning, together with GIZ, interviewed Andrew Wallace, co-founder & CEO at Chanzi, an East African start-up producing protein from waste, and Björn Theis, head of the Foresight department at Evonik’s innovation unit Creavis. Evonik is a specialty chemicals world-leading company focused on developing innovative, profitable, and sustainable solutions for their customers.

The present interview is part of "The Future of Food" project that intends to draw solutions with the help of emerging technologies that are projected to shape the agri-food industry of tomorrow.

Link to the article: Feeding The Global Population

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